Thomas R. Brown Foundation

Vision: A society that embodies educational excellence and opportunities, and innovative solutions to community challenges.

Mission: To advance the use of economic principles in public and private decision making through strategic partnerships and educational programs.

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VOTE: Health Care—September 20, 2014

Tucson September 20th, 2014

Economics & World History with Dr. Mark Schug

Tucson September 27th, 2014

Breakfast with an Economist

Tucson October 18th, 2014

ASET & ACSS Conference Lodging

Mesa/Phoenix October 24th, 2014

November Book Club

Tucson November 6th, 2014

VOTE: Social Security—November 15, 2014

Tucson November 15th, 2014

(Almost) A Free Lunch

Tucson Ongoing

Teaching with Tablet Technology

Tucson October 2014

Dinner and a Movie

Tucson November 2014

Middle School Economics

Tucson November 2014