Partners / Higher Ed

To strengthen economic education programs, TRB Foundation collaborates with other economic education organizations, including:

Arizona Council on Economic Education

The Arizona Council on Economic Education (ACEE) offers many economics education and personal finance programs in different regions of Arizona.

UA Office of Economic Education

The University of Arizona Office of Economic Education (OEE) is lodged in The Eller College. It offers an on-site summer teacher institute in economic content each June, and takes programs for teachers to small cities and towns across southern Arizona. The OEE is fully underwritten by the Thomas R. Brown Foundation.

TRBF also supports:

  • The Gerald J. Swanson, Chair in Economics Education supports an economics teaching-focused professor at the University of Arizona.
  • The Thomas R. Brown Professorship in Economics at the University of Arizona. It is currently occupied by Price Fishback, Ph.D.
  • Voices on the Economy (VOTE), a nationally recognized innovative curriculum for teachers and college students developed by Amy Cramer, Ph.D.. Dr. Cramer teaches the VOTE curriculum at Pima Community College, Tucson, and at Brown Foundation teacher workshops.