Civic Leadership

The Brown Family Foundation has supported civic projects, through grants and partnerships. These include:

Imagine Greater Tucson
Establishing long-term priorities based on widely-held community values and infrastructure planning for southern Arizona.

Sonoran Institute
Focused on responsible state trust land management, renewable energy, economic prosperity in Tucson and Pima County, Sun corridor Policy Technical Report on the role of infrastructure planning and investment, economics of state trust land reform, state trust land and transportation policy, role of land exchanges to enhance the value of state trust lands, and a conference on growth.

Flinn Foundation
The Arizona Center for Civic Leadership, featuring the Flinn-Brown Civic Leadership Academy, expands the cadre of future state-level leaders with the skills, knowledge, and commitment to address Arizona’s long-term issues.

Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

In collaboration with the Southern Arizona Leadership Council and the University of Arizona to to measure and monitor key civic metrics for southern Arizona.

Southern Arizona Town Hall