The TRB Garage works to improve the future of the workforce and industry in Southern Arizona through active engagement and involvement with early stage, high-growth companies. The Garage will host a venture studio, provide growth capital, and support workforce development.


Create opportunities for intersections and collisions between creators, innovators, and doers.

Growth Capital

Improve the attraction of growth capital for Arizona companies through early stage financial and technical support.


Provide immersive training experiences to build skills needed for businesses to compete in the future.


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Our application captures information about your business and your approach to growth. We use this information to assess the resources from within the Southern Arizona ecosystem and determine which resources are the best fit to support the growth of your business. The information you provide today will serve as your initial application to access assistance and/or funding from the Thomas R. Brown Garage and our partners within the Arizona Ecosystem.

While we are a non-profit, we do view these investments as investors and provide the same level of investment discipline and involvement that you would see from other seed and pre-seed venture capital investors. We consider ourselves to be high conviction, hands-on pre-seed investors. When we talk about pre-seed investments, we mean your first outside round of financing at the earliest stages of your business.

A pre-seed investment is an early round of financing that is designed to help a company achieve certain intermediate milestones PRIOR to the magic combination of strong Product-Market-Fit + meaningful traction.
— Rob Go, Nextview Ventures

Commitment To the Southern Arizona Economy

We are committed to building the economy in southern Arizona and that means growing companies and build a strong workforce. We expect the companies we invest to also have this philosophy. For investment consideration, you must be located or willing to locate in southern Arizona.

We believe "entrepreneurial collisions" improve the chances for success. These collisions occur when entrepreneurs are near one another. All recipients of an investment from the Garage must commit to spending at least one year working from the Garage. Please see more information about the location here.


We Invest in People

We look for entrepreneurs who demonstrate a commitment and understanding to an industry and have a plan to build a team around them. Success in startups is not an individual support, so we look for those who can attract talent to them and to their ideas.

We like to see teams that have a strong founder/market fit, where the founder understands and often comes from the industry or market they are seeking to disrupt. Our founders should understand their customer so well, they are nearly obsessed with making their lives better and improving customer outcomes.

Our founding teams must also demonstrate a willingness to work with and be engaged by members of the Garage staff, mentors, and partners. Companies must be willing to establish both an advisory board and board of directors following the investment into the company.


Software-Defined Future

The present and the future are consistently seeing greater automation and measurement-driven across all sectors of the market. These changes are being driven by the advances in software. We look for situations where the company has identified how to use software and technology that can provide both a defined customer return-on-investment and an opportunity to scale to a significant company.

While innovation and breakthrough technologies are incredibly valuable, we focus on the ability to deliver technology through execution.


milestone-Based Planning

For every investment we make, we work with the entrepreneurs to create value-accretive milestones that the company will seek to achieve during this funding round and any expected subsequent funding rounds. Each funding round should get the company to an inflection point that demonstrates the value the founding team is building. We want to see that our founders are already planning for their next milestones and understand what the market expects.


Take the First Step in Building the Future

Apply today to join us in the Garage.

The first step is setting up a meeting with the Executive Director, you can schedule a meeting with through this link. Prior to meeting with the Executive Director, please go here to upload information about your business. During your meeting, you should expect to discuss your business goals and objectives, the market opportunity, and the plans for you and your team to grow the business in southern Arizona.

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