Civic Leadership

An important area of focus of the Thomas R. Brown Foundations is the development of strong civic leadership in Arizona through non-partisan programs. The Brown Foundations' partnerships and grants are building leadership capacity throughout Arizona to advance non-partisan solutions to the state's complex and pressing issues. These programs include:


Flinn-Brown Civic Leadership Academy

The Brown Foundations partner with the Flinn Foundation to advance civic leadership through our joint support of the Arizona Center for Civic Leadership. The Center, featuring the Flinn-Brown Civic Leadership Academy, expands the cadre of future leaders in state government with the skills, knowledge, and commitment to address Arizona’s long-term issues.

Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

The Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation is a support organization of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona (CFSA). Since inception, the Foundation has provided support to CFSA directly for operations and facilities. In addition, the Foundation has supported key initiatives led by CFSA's core values, including community leadership, non-profit collaboration, innovation, education, and stewardship.




making Action Possible (MAP) Dashboard

Through the Community Foundations for Southern Arizona (CFSA), the Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation supports the MAP project, Making Action Possible. MAP is a project of the Eller College of Management, in partnership with CFSA and the Southern Arizona Leadership Council (SALC). This project measures and monitors trends in Southern Arizona against a set of key performance indicators across six indicator areas. MAP provides the data for individuals, organizations and leaders in our community to act on the issues important to our advancement and well-being.