Having the right talent with the right skills is essential to supporting early-stage, high-growth companies. Today, high-gowth companies seek access to a diverse and global talent pool with skills to build businesses and innovate for the future. Unfortunately, the labor mix and the job opportunities are not in sync with 51% of millennial college graduates working in an industry not aligned with their skills (often resulting in underemployment). Through workforce development and building new technology companies, Tucson can create an environment where the skills and opportunities come into balance. 


Student Engagement

We are seeking to connect entrepreneurs and students to create a better experience for internships and future hiring needs. Our goal is to work with the universities and startup companies to bridge the gap between university bureaucracy and the unpredictable of a startup.


Regional Education Programs

We have a great community with several educational programs offered throughout the region to improve Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEM/STEAM) skills and providing assistance to startup companies. We have assembled a list of those resources available in Southern Arizona.


TRB Coding Bootcamp Scholarships

To be announced.