Teacher Resources 

Many teacher resources are online, but sometimes difficult to find. Here is a list of online resources.


Reffonomics.com is an online interactive tool for teachers to use in their classrooms. The site contains interactive graphs, basic and AP-level quiz questions, and space to add your own questions for review. You will need to create a login to keep the site restricted to teacher use. Reffonomics.com is a "free" site--there is no cost for teachers.   

An online interactive textbook, including graphs and quizzes, funded by the Thomas R. Brown Foundation and created jointly by former economics teachers Steven Reff of Tucson, and Dick Brunelle of Boston. www.grokkingecon.com. (Please note, this is now a paid site.)


Arizona State K-12 Standards in Economics

Arizona K-12 Social Studies Standards

Strand 5 is Economics.

Breakfast with an economist

Presentations 2011-2018

Economic Data Resources

AZ Cities Economic Comparison Map

Concise Economic Data Graphs

Economic Indicator Data by year and month

US Bureau of Economic Analysis Extensive foreign and domestic economic data

US Department of Labor Statistics Employment news and statistics

Education Level v Earnings and Unemployment

Federal Reserve Bank Education K-12 lessons and activities

See also the 13 Federal Reserve sites listed further down this page.

US Dept of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service

US Dept of Commerce Economic analysis, statistics, and news

US National Debt v Intragovernmental Holdings – Current and Historical

US Debt Clock Real time display of debt, revenue, GDP, money supply, etc.

FAQ About the Public Debt

Inflation Calculator Purchasing power comparison over time

Consumer Price Index 1913-Present

Guns or Butter National security costs and interactive trade-off tool

University of Arizona, Eller College: Econ & Business Research Center AZ specific

EconSources Many useful links to economic websites/resources

Economics in History & Current Events

Economic History Association

Economic History Resources Databases and encyclopedia

History of Economic Policy

Stock Exchange & Wall Street History

Marketplace Radio Business and economic news

Freakonomics Fun blogs/books/radio exploring the economics behind everyday scenarios

International & Globalization Resources

CIA The World Factbook Information on various countries (economic, historical, etc.)

World Bank Datasets and Reports

Unicef Economic and Social Statistics by Country

Gapminder (Hans Rosling)

World Income Distribution

Wealth and Health of Nations – Moving Bubble Graph Across Time

US Department of State World Fact Sheets by Country

United Nations Home Page News and information

International Monetary Fund (IMF) News and information

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) News and information

World Trade Organization (WTO) News and information

List of US Trade Agreements by Type and Country

US Foreign Trade Topics

Economist Global Rankings

Checking Information for Accuracy

Fact Check Articles that monitor factual accuracy in U.S. politics

Open Secrets Center for Responsive Politics, tracking the influence of money in politics

Open Congress Follow legislation, representatives, and senators

Sunlight Foundation Website dedicated to making government and politics more transparent

Wall Street Journal: The Numbers Guy Use and abuse of statistics

Curricula & Lesson Plans

Journal of Economics Teaching JET is a journal that provides contemporary, classroom-tested lessons created by both university and high school faculty. All lessons can be downloaded from the Journal.

Econ Ed Reviews (EER) Search engine for online econ ed resources, with reviews by teachers

Izzit (search “economics”) Search engine for online videos and lesson plans

Econ Themes in Literature for K-6 readers

Bibliography of Children’s Literature with Economic Concepts

Council for Economic Education Publications Economic and financial literacy publications K-12

Econ Ed Link: Ready-made lessons online

Economics University On-line (Reffonomics) Interactive visual lessons in basic concepts, micro, and macro

Economic Education Web – University of Nebraska-Omaha Economic education resources by national standard

EconSources Portal to various econ sources online

The Journal of Economic Education Peer reviewed articles on teaching economics

Library of Economics and Liberty Articles and books

Biz Ed Online business education resources

The US Mint for students

Econ Posters for the Classroom

ThinkEconomics Modeling economic principles through interactive graphs

Interactive Economics Graphs

Also, be sure to check all the lessons available on the Federal Reserve Bank education pages listed elsewhere on this page!

Financial Literacy & Business Education

Next Gen Personal Finance Personal finance lessons, games, and assessments

Money As You Grow Age appropriate personal finance education

National Standards on Financial Literacy

UA Take Charge Today Decision based approach to personal finance

Practical Money Skills for Life Financial literacy for all ages

Wise Pockets Strategies for teaching personal finance

Junior Achievement – Arizona Spreading financial education to Arizona schools

National Endowment for Financial Education Financial education (all ages)

Hands-On Banking Basic money tools, information, and skills for all ages

The Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy Age appropriate financial information and calculators

Savings – Feed the Pig Resources for financial stability

Consumer Jungle Personal finance topics and interactive games

US Bureau of Consumer Protection

The US Mint – Fun Financial Security Activities

Approved Consumer Credit Counseling Services in Arizona

Credit-Wise Cats (UA) Personal finance workshop classroom visits

MoneyTeach Lessons

Various Topics for Financial Literacy for Kids

Tips for Teens on Finances and Taxes, with links to more teen-specific resources

Foundations, Councils, Associations

University of Arizona Office of Economic Education (OEE)

Council for Economic Education (CEE)

Arizona Council on Economic Education (ACEE)

Find councils & centers for economic education across the US

Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE)

Global Association of Economics Teachers (GATE)

National Association of Economic Educators

Federal Reserve Banks - Resources for Economic & Finance Education

What is the Fed?

FRB Board of Governors

FRB Education Page

1st Distirct: FRB of Boston

2nd District: FRB of New York

3rd District: FRB of Philadelphia

4th District: FRB of Cleveland

5th District: FRB of Richmond

6th District: FRB of Atlanta

7th District: FRB of Chicago

8th District: FRB of St. Louis

9th District: FRB of Minneapolis

10th District: FRB of Kansas City

11th District: FRB of Dallas

12th District: FRB of San Francisco